Administration, Assessments & Change of Ownership

  The Vale Oregon Irrigation District is governed and operated by a five-member board of directors elected for three-year terms by water users from five divisions within the district. The board hires a district manager, who is responsible for carrying out board directives and the day to day operation. If management or staff can be of any assistance, please contact us.

ASSESSMENTS.    Assessments for the year are a lien on the land and are set in January by the Board of Directors and consist of two parts:
1.  Operation & Maintenance + Account Fee: Covers the cost of operating the district, such as record-keeping, payroll & related costs, insurance, office facilities, equipment & fuel and repairs and maintenance.
2.  Construction Fees: Covers the repayment of loans for the building of the dams, canals & laterals.

CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP.  The District is required to keep detailed records of water rights and landowners. To keep our records current, please have your escrow agent provide VOID with a copy of the recorded document.