Acre: Measurement of land equaling 43,560 square feet or approx 209’ X 209’

Acre Foot: Volume of water. Amount of water to cover an acre of land, one foot deep.

Water Right: The requirement of a water user to have an area of irrigation equivalent to the size of his/her water rights. For example, 1.5 acres of water right = 1.5 acres of area being irrigated.

Appurtenant: Belonging to. Water rights are appurtenant to a specific piece of ground. VOID is required to keep records of appurtenant water rights.

Headgate: A valve comprised of a plate which slides over an opening. Headgates can be adjusted and locked.

Weir: An instrument for measuring water as it is delivered through a slot of standard width. A dam placed across a river or canal to raise or divert the water or regulate its flow.

Water Conversion Factors:
1 cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallons of water.
1 acre foot of water  = 43,560 cubic feet of water.

Flow Rate Units:
1 cubic foot of water per second  =  448.8 gallons of water per minute or 26,928 gallons of water in one hour.

1 cubic foot of water per second  =  646,272 gallons of water per day or 1.9835 acre feet of water per day.

1 cfs = 2 acre feet per day (double the cfs figure to get the acre foot figure)