The irrigation season usually begins around April 15th and ends around October 15th. The length of the season and the amount of water delivered depends on weather conditions and snowpack in the mountains.

MAINTENANCE SEASON.  The maintenance season begins as soon as water is turned off and runs through March. To a smaller degree, some maintenance and cleaning occurs during the irrigation season. If you have a specific need, please contact the office.

DELIVERY POINTS.  In general, the District’s point of delivery is at the high point on each 40-acre tract. It is District policy that all deliveries from VOID be from headgates and all deliveries measured. Ditches beyond delivery points are private ditches.

HEADGATES, WEIRS & METERS.  All delivery structures and measuring devices are the property of the District and under the direct control of the management and staff. Anyone interfering with, adjusting, or in any way tampering with the distribution system is subject to prosecution under the laws of Oregon. The District may lock headgates to regulate flows. Anyone wishing to change deliveries should contact the office.

EASEMENTS & RIGHT OF WAY.  The construction or placement of roads, pipelines, transmission lines, telephone lines, bridges, flumes, fences, pumps, or any other structures on a project right-of-way will be allowed on terms and conditions that are deemed to be adequate to protect the interest of the Bureau and the project for which the particular lands are being administered and to be compatible with the purposes for which the right-of-way was acquired. Construction may not be undertaken until after such time as the Bureau has issued a license for the erection and maintenance of the structure. Any structures erected without the Bureau and District’s approval will be removed and all costs charged to the owner. No water will be delivered until all charges are paid.  No fences or gates will be allowed to obstruct the free operation and maintenance of any right-of-way during the water season. Cattle guards (of adequate width) will be acceptable year round at the expense of the landowner.

WATER CONSERVATION & QUALITY.   Oregon State law requires you “apply your water beneficially without waste.” As we do not have unlimited supplies and we have continued competition for the use of water by others, it is critically important that everyone take only the amount of water needed and use it responsibly. Lining ponds, piping and cleaning ditches can cut losses substantially. It is also important that every water user help in preventing any form of pollution from entering the distribution system. Any activities that degrade water quality are strictly prohibited. Please contact the office if we can be of any help.

WATER RIGHTS.   A water right gives you permission and an obligation to beneficially irrigate a very specific area. The District and the State keep detailed records of what lands can be irrigated. The main canal water rights have priority dates of 1926 and 1927. Your water rights also have a ‘duty of water’ which is the volume of water you will receive during the irrigation season. The duty is measured in ‘acre feet’ and varies from year to year depending on snowpack and stream flow. This water can only be applied to lands with a water right. A water right remains valid as long as an irrigator beneficially uses the water at least once every five years. Converting land to another use (road, parking lot, building, etc) can also result in the forfeiture of a water right. If you have any questions regarding your water rights, please contact the office.